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Do you remember when Aldurroth and friends had an epic battle with a human-centipede hybrid monster inside of their pocket dimension? Nor do I. I distinctly remember them barely surviving. However, if the story were to be retold, I'm sure this would be the way the characters would prefer it: an epic last stand battle with spells flying and ear-catching one liners.


Like in real life, the battle to get yourself out there is quite an ordeal in deed. It can feel a lot like it's your own last stand against irrelevance and oblivion. So here is a desk mat to pump you up when you are feeling down. So even when things look grim, know that you WILL overcome every and all adversities! 


  • 4 mm thick neoprene
  • Anti-slip backing
  • 12" x 18" Full print
  • Multifunctional use

The Last Stand Desk Mat (MRG Collection)

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