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Mind the Caution Tape -- Welcome to Dark Mars!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to our little pocket of the internet! A nice little one, at that. We're here to cover video games, films and pop culture, and maybe make a few of those things every once and a while.

I know, I know. Who are we, you ask?

Part one of a twofer is Mike - he's the game developing maniac (not literally but figuratively sometimes). He's got a cool game he's working on that you'll be able to check out on here before too long, once we get his workshop set up -- let's call it "Mike's Corner" for now, unless something more devilish comes up. The name of the game is Corporate Entity, and it looks to be quite a thrilling throwback to video games of the 1990s. He's also going to pen an article about games he's played once a week, posted on Mondays, and link to his other game design and art tutorials as he makes them, as he does have other channels of creation.

The secondary cog in this machine is myself, Dani. I'm more of a chill commentator type, and I'll have at least a weekly article on Thursdays, if not another opinion piece on games or media to toss out as the mood strikes each week. And, if things go well enough, I'll get back into making my own game again, albeit my ideas are far sweeter than my counterpart's machinations, like a Zelda to his Silent Hill.

Perhaps we'll have another team member or two joining us at the Dark Mars colony, but for now it's just us...and the cats. You'll get some cute pictures of them later, I promise.

Here are a few friendly links to tide you over until Monday's article:

Mike's Youtube Channel

Mike's BitChute Channel

The Dark Mars Parler Profile

Corporate Entity on Indie DB

End transmission.


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