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We're Back! It's 2022, and Let's Not Make it 2020, Too...

How about that? It's been a LONG time, and we can hardly believe it! It's not that we planned on not writing articles and reviews and whatnot, but life way out on the red planet can be hectic and somewhat disconnected from the digital world.

If you happened on the page at any point in 2021, you'd notice Mike's shop for his YouTube channel springing up. We always meant to get our work back into the articles, but it just didn't gel. Have you seen how much work Mike puts into his animations? He's so crazy good at blending entertainment and education - what's that called? "Edu-tainment"?

Hopefully some of you will stick with us as we get back into the swing of things (though we hardly had a rhythm, I say), and we will have Mike making reviews on Monday and myself, Dani, doing guides on Thursdays. We will be changing some things up, though, so don't mind our dust while we add on to the colony.

A week from now I plan to unveil a pretty big guide on a trilogy of little games, so keep an eye out!

End of message.


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