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A Quick Splash of Paint and Fun: InkSplosion Review and Achievement Guide

Last time I wrote about a lovely little Halloween-inspired game, which calls back to the slasher movie era of the 1980s. Here's a game that calls back to the time of colorful Flash games of the new millennium.

Inksplosion is a twin-stick arcade game. This means, in a fancy phrase, that you use the two analog sticks on the controller to play, with the left being how you move and the right stick being for where you shoot. Sounds really complex? Not at all. The game is actually very shallow, once you get the hang of the controls, with only three options: Classic, Arena and Hard mode. After that, it's about beating your high-score and seeing how far you can get in endless levels and forever spawning enemies.

My favorite part of this game? The crazy murals of paint your chaos can make!

Achievement-wise, you can pop them all in under an hour, depending on your level of skill. Not too much skill is required, but perhaps your mileage will vary, depending on how much randomness and paint splatter you can handle. Without much ado, for merely starting the game and either losing or taking out your first enemy (by holding down right trigger), you've popped one of two simple achievements:

Getting Started

Kill your first enemy (60 GS)


Die for the first time (60 GS)

If you've been playing in Classic Mode, which is all you have at the start (honestly), you're already making progress toward a few specific achievements:

Little by little

Reach 25,000 points in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Leveling up

Reach level 5 in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Go get them

Reach 50,000 points in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Getting better

Reach level 10 in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Show them who's boss

Reach 75,000 points in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Unlock the Arena Mode

Reach 100,000 points in Classic Mode (80 GS)

Classic Mode is fairly simple: you'll face an endless barrage of enemies with ever-changing weapons at your disposal each level. Well, five different weapons, but you'll get used to them long before you reach 100,000 points. To play effectively, you'll have to use the "slow-mo" (left trigger) when things get chaotic. Be careful, since it's tied to your health. You'll get health back with each enemy taken down, but the main idea of the game is to take them out fast and be aggressive by holding down that right trigger for unlimited shooting. Don't back into a corner or that high-score run might end early.

Once you've gotten all those achievements with a 100,000+ run (be sure to die and not just quit), you've unlocked Arena Mode. The next round of achievements need you to kill specific amounts of enemies per run. You can get all the achievements in a single run, but it may take a practice run or two before you really get used to the chaos. Again, be aggressive and watch out for being backed into a corner, shoot always, and use the "slow-mo" as little you can -- recommendation: tap the right trigger to not drain your health in combination with the slowdown. Manage to take out enough enemies per run can net you:

Kill or get killed

Kill 25 enemies in Arena Mode (80 GS)

Getting used

Kill 50 enemies in Arena Mode (80 GS)

Without any mercy

Kill 75 enemies in Arena Mode (80 GS)

Kill them all

Kill 100 enemies in Arena Mode (80 GS)

To get the last achievement, you'll need to get a top score in Arena mode of 100,000 (which is a theme, I suppose) to unlock Hard Mode. All things considered, you'll only need to kill a single enemy for this last achievement in this mode, so once you have the mode unlocked, just hold down the right trigger and let loose. You're sure to pop this last achievement shortly:


Kill your first enemy in hard mode (80 GS)

And that's that. There's no story to tide you over with this game, so I can't really recommend playing after the achievements are won, unless you have a buddy that's got a higher score than yours and you're just gung-ho about being #1 in the neighborhood, I guess. Otherwise, it's a quick little completion for $4.99 on the Xbox Marketplace. If you're lucky, you might even find it on sale, which I recommend!

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