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Jump, Dash, Climb, Repeat: Himno Achievement Guide and Review

Ever had a great idea but no idea where to go with it? That's what I feel about Himno, this week's guide recipient. It is a small platforming game where you jump, dash, climb on an endless repeat. Someone made a fun little parkour game, but they forgot to put much else in.

Getting the achievements for this game is pretty much about grinding on the core mechanics -- and, luckily, this grind goes pretty fast. You'll get those after a few minutes. Let's start by jumping around and taking a dive in the water:

It's Not Over Yet

Fall into the water for the first time. (90 GS)

Perhaps the guy can't swim? After you restart the game, you can work on heading upward. Most of the exits for each "district" is a shining door usually higher than the door you came through; if not, it's likely at about the same height. You'll have to traverse 6 districts in a single run and 30 districts overall. Also, these basic mechanics reward you experience and levels, which tie into more achievements. So...jump around, jump around...to at least level 10.

Level Up

Reach level 10. (90 GS)

Moving Forward

Reach district 6. (90 GS)

Exploring the Past

Visit 30 districts. (100 GS)

You can climb walls by jump-dash chaining; after you jump, dash back into the wall and jump again. It's rather helpful, but do be careful of the watery depths. If you can't get very high in the current district, just walk on through to another one and try for this achievement:

We Ascend?

Explore new terrain above 600 meters. (90 GS)

Along the way, you might find plinths with hovering lights; these are "wisps." Each has a level requirement, but don't worry -- you should be a few levels on by now if you've jumped around enough. If it's asking for level 7 and you're only level 3, go ahead and get on with the grind. There are a good number of these (at least one per district).

Hello Little Friend

Release your first Wisp. (90 GS)

Another "collection" achievement has to do with lighting a certain number of torches in a single run (don't go for a swim). All it takes is 10 torches in a single run. If you've already reached district 6 as the achievement asked for above, you should've just accidentally bumped into enough torches. If not, just wander about a few districts.

New Hope

Light 10 torches in one playthrough. (90 GS)

In the end, you should be working on the grinding once all the other achievements have been popped. You'll be stuck jumping and dashing, so find a good room with close walls to simply repeat the jumps and dashes without any chance of drowning. Hopefully your exploration so far got you close to the requirements, but after this you'll be done:

Getting in Shape

Do 500 jumps. (90 GS)

Still in Shape

Do 1000 jumps. (90 GS)

The Middle Step

Do 250 dashes. (90 GS)

The Next Step

Do 500 dashes. (90 GS)

Now take a lovely break by a fire. You're done with Himno. If you're willing to part with $4.99 and an hour of your time, I'd recommend giving this a run. Like a meal of fast food, I suppose.

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